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      On 22nd March 2013,the stamp ticket lauching of Shaheed Shivram Rajguru ji       by Shri Pranab mukherjee the President of India, Mr. Ashok thapar and members of All India Shaheed Sukhdev Thapar Memorial trust at
Rashtriyapati Bhavan, New Delhi.




      On 23nd March 2015,the Honourable Prime minister of India       honoured sh. Ashok Thapar with honorable chief minister Sh. Parkash singh badal and union minister sh. vijay sampla ji,
at hussianwala, Ferozpur,Punjab,India.


Saheed-e-Azam Sukhdev Thapar ( 1907 to 1931)
The revolutionary movement was active in Indian politics about for thirty years from 1905 to 1935 A.D. During these three decades most revolutionaries kissed the gallows and faced severe physical punishment. Saheed-e-Azam Sukhdev Thapar was one of them. Mata Ralli Devi gave him birth on 15th May, 1907 at Naughara in Ludhiana and his father Ram Lal Thapar cradled him during his childhood. His father Ram Lal Thapar died when he was just about to his period of childhood. Sukhdev Thapar had to face a lot of hardships from his childhood to youthhood. He was brought up by his uncle Achait Ram Thapar who was arrested by the British Govt. under the Marshal Law. Thus this incident put emence effect on the psycho of Sukhdev Thapar. Meanwhile, he decided to join revolutionary movement of Punjab during his youthhood. Sukhdev Thapar came to contact with an other patriot of mother India, Bhagat Singh who founded Naughawan Bharat Sebha on 13 March, 1926 in National College of Lahore presently in Pakistan. As an active member Sukhdev joined Hindustan Socialist Republican Army with his comrades which was founded by Sachindra Nath Sanyal. Sukhdev was deputed to spread political consciousness among the Indian youths of that time. He not only did this job honestly but also with great dedication and sincerity. Moreover, Simon commission came in India to study the aspirations of Indian for the constitutional development. A mass of people agitated against him under the leadership of Lala Laj Pat Rai as protest against simon commission Lalaji was brutally injured and soon after he died. Sukhdev decided to take the avenge of Lalajiís death. On the time of Punjab kesari Lala Laj Pat Rai's funeral ceremony he decided to kill saunders. The three great sons of mother India got success to kill saunders. Now, the Govt. was in a state of panic and Lahore was declared as very disturbed area. But he did not bother, Sukhdev continuously distributed seditious literature among the people published by Bharat Mata society. Read More...


Late Mrs. Shanta Jhanji, the loving cousin of Shaheed Sukhdev Thapar had handed over the all rights to run the Shaheed Sukhdev Thapar Memorial Trust (Regd.) Ludhiana to Shri Ashok Thapar before her death, who is leaving no stone unturned to make this organization a success.





Sh. Ashok Thapar

Sh. Bal Krishan Thapar

Sh. Sandeep Thapar



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